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Company Info.

(SWISSA) known as Raging River Runner is Nepal’s premier rafting and trekking organization which emerged in the year 1992 with more than two decades of experience running white water rafting and trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.

With its gaining popularity, Raging River Runner was nicknamed as SWISSA by the Isreali clients. It was named after the name of a famous actor called Meir Swissa in the early 90’s. This is how Raging River Runner born as SWISSA among the clients. Till date the company is called SWISSA but the registration under the government of Nepal is licensed as Raging River Runner Pvt. Ltd.

Swissa have a crew of wonderful guides, who are interesting people that we know you will enjoy. Beyond that we provide continual training and have high expectations that are well beyond the industry standard. The vast majority of our guides have white water rescue training that is renewed every three years. In addition to being the only company in Nepal to have guides trained in SRT (Swift Water Rescue Technician), CPR & Wilderness First Aid, and all SWISSA’s expeditions are accompanied by a safety kayaker. Majority of guides working in Swissa has 10 years and above experience and are committed to give you a rafting trip of a life time.

Our top priority is running phenomenal river trips so that each guest experiences the magic of these natural environments. We want you to share a memorable adventure with your families and friends while minimizing your foot print on the planet. Weather you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast or this is your first camping trip our guides will carter to your needs by providing safe navigation, local and organic meals as well as quality camping and rafting gears.